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We engage individuals, companies, NGOs, and Governments to provide services that close competency gaps and enhance workforce productivity through our carefully designed set of short courses. Our courses can be customized to suite your peculiar needs.

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We provide strategic consulting services for both professionals and corporate organizations. Our consultancies are strategically designed to provide tools, techniques and methodologies that can deliver on your core objectives and set goals 

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Vital Extra Learning University Programme


Jane Samson

Web Professional

John Carson



Hope Smith


Course fee

$. 30.00

Top skills required for University Research

Training and University Mentorship Programme





By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
• Easily collect high quality data using mobile devices such as tablets and phones.
• Clean their data for use in statistical analysis.
• Identify and fix errors in datasets.
• Analyze research data using advanced statistical procedures
• Gain high level skills on statistical results interpretation and report writing.


Sub Heading 2

7th – 11th March, 2022


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